1038 Team Stupid.


5 magic element thingies from unlocking Princess Luna my My Little Pony iOs save apparently got corrupted. As near as I can tell Gameloft built in no system for save recovery. I mean, why would you? Digital things never fail in any way. Having a backup system isn’t important at all. Stupid fucks… In any case my time in ponyville is over unless the next update magically fixes my save file. I’m not worried either way because I didn’t spend any actual money with those d-bags.

Mobile phone style gaming has some pretty blatant flaws. Flaws that should not be tolerated. The first of these is, obviously, virtually no control over save data. I do not understand this at all. In the entire army of nerds required to make iTunes, or whatever android uses, work no one ever said “Hey, I’d like to be able to move my save data to another device.” In fairness, some games DO have systems to make this possible. Smurfs’ Village, for example, saves several secret copies of your game to the device. You have to a series of things to unlock the option, and you have to go to the support site to find them, but a way exists. They also keep a copy of your save, tied to your gamecenter profile, on their servers. The system is far from perfect, but I’ve saved most of my game with them more than once.

After a while a few games started keeping track of what in app purchases you’ve made. You don’t get to keep a save file, but if you lose your data you get back any permanent items. Whatever magic money you bought, however, is lost. Plants VS Zombies and Tilt To Live both have this option. This option is not preferable to a save when it comes to a “zen garden” style game. Losing the time sunk into crafting the perfect farm, or what have you, is bunk.

Unfortunately we are slowly being trained to look at games, save data, and other related things as transient. Everything is transient on some level, but I’d like my data to at least last as long as I do. Just in case I want to go back to something later.

On the other hand, I really do like not having discs and packs to fiddle with. Just having them all on a device is much better. That said, I still want a way to get back my game if ever something happens. A way that doesn’t depend on a company deciding to keep a server running or not.

Data management is just going to keep becoming more and more of an issue going forward. iTunes wants to keep everything on the cloud. Well fuck the cloud. I bought an iPod with a giant brain so I wouldn’t have to have an internet connection! The goddamn thing used to just download my podcasts like I told it to, now it does it sometimes. If it can detect an internet connection it seems to assume there will ALWAYS be an internet connection, so it leaves the file ON THE FUCKING CLOUD! What am I supposed to do when I’m miles from an internet connection, Apple? C’mon!

It’s so irritating finding that the thing you planned to listen to while you’re doing something is back at the house, or waiting on the cloud, because some dick in an office doesn’t understand that the internet doesn’t exist everywhere on the planet… >:| Rabble rabble rabble!

I’m one skylander shy of having all the new characters. Because of this I haven’t been playing the game. I want to have all the cast available for the story mode. If I don’t do this I’ll finish the story and then it’ll be month and months before I come back to it and I won’t enjoy them properly. At the moment this is a unique problem. But not for long. Other companies, including Disney, are getting in on this concept. Hopefully disney will not do this with Tron Uprising, because I’d be powerless to resist. Marvel, their cartoons, and whatnot I’m safe from… but what about Star Wars. Yeah, let that terror wash over you toy/Star Wars fans. The have KOTOR Legos now… That’s one of the best Star Wars universes. The only thing that saves me from them is that Lego men are just shitty toys. (Compared to Halo Mega Bloks anyway.)