1103 Renegon.


When I was in Garden the Gamestop there had Gatcha figures from Legend Of Zelda. I got the two I least wanted. (Occarina Of Time Link and Zelda.) and toon Link. I really wanted the Skyward Sword pair, and Tetra would have been nice too, but that’s blind box for you. They also had some Mario Gatcha at the Target and I got mini hatless Mario. Unfortunately they did not have a single Jade Flashwing from Skylanders Giants. So that was disappointing. Their Transformer selection was worse than back home, which is really saying something. We don’t even have a Target, but their Wal-Mart had dick.

Strangely enough the most interesting store was the Hastings which had been remodeled. They really seem hell bent on not going out of business. So they’ve jumped on the comic book and collectible stuff hard. Plus, their pricing isn’t completely shitty on some items. To the point that I actually got a couple of Kre-O Transformer guys. They’re neat I guess, but I dunno. They’re a little too Lego. I still like the Halo actual toy style figures better. That said, if we had a store around that carried Kre-O I’d probably get blind bags just to get them. I got Springer and Warpath. There was also a value pack of regular guys that was Jazz, Bumblebee, Red Alert, Mirage, and Skywarp. All of those guys were as much as one blind pack, so it seemed like a good deal. Tiny Bublebee is pretty adorable.

Anyway, I’m gonna try and get that whole set of Zelda figures since I have the sucky half of it already. Unfortunately it looks like there’s really no way to tell what each thing is. They are apparently truly blind unlike the MLP stuff.

Here’s some more story:

“Yes, fantastic as always, Twig, but you probably shouldn’t-” He said, making to stop Twig from already trying an eigth time. Unfortunately, before he could break her concentration, a tongue of blue flame was doing significant damage to to the pillar Regalius was now scrambling away from like a cockroach. Twig was squealing with laughter at her new trick.

“Oh my goodness!” Exclaimed Niona. “I didn’t-”

“Don’t worry about it.” Julius replied, taking hold of Twig’s hands. “It’s just something you have to be careful about.” He addressed Twig sternly. “Not indoors. Not around people we know. Okay?”

“Yes master!” She replied cheerily.

“Why does she call you-” Niona started.

“I don’t know where she got that. I never told her to. Mostly I think she does it to tease me.” Julius interjected, casting a glance at his incorrigible protege.

“Master is kind and wise. We love master.” Twig responded, causing Julius to go red and Niona to giggle.

“Well, listen…” He said, attempting to divert attention away from Twig’s lurid pawing. “we know what happened to your friends now, and I’m very sorry for your loss. Should we gather their remains and leave or…?”

The others looked at one another. They each then separated and began adjusting the remains of their comrades. Useful items and remembrances were removed, then they were lined up in a tight row. Julius and Twig helped, trying to be as respectful as possible. Once things were set in a way that seemed to please the three old friends Alina stepped forward and began to sing a prayer. Niona came and stood with Julius and Twig. After a few bars Regalius began acompanying on his little flute. Twig began sobbing unashamedly and hugged Niona, who was weeping silently.
As they sang green flames engulfed the fallen and began to slowly shift to a bright blue, then to white. They all had to close their dark adapted eyes, but everyone present joined in the last chorus, as was traditional. They had each heard the song far too many times not to know it by broken heart. When the song was finished they opened their eyes and nothing remained of their friends.

“They wouldn’t’ve wanted any more than a soldier’s pyre.” Alina said above Twig’s loud sniffles.

“So, what now?” asked Julius.

“You may leave, if it suits you. You have fulfilled the terms of our original agreement and more.” Alina replied. “I want to see how much further this place goes, and destroy it if I can.”

“There was also one last member of the original party…” Niona remarked sadly. “It would be a miracle if he survived…”

“We can’t leave then.” Julius stated flatly.

“I’m glad to hear that, but you shouldn’t feel obligated.” Alina smiled weakly.

“If the entire party isn’t accounted for then I haven’t completed the contract.” Julius stated. “I never leave a job unfinished.”

“Nor me!” Sniffled Twig.

“That pleases me to hear more than you know.” Replied Alina, placing a hand on Twig’s shoulder. “If we press a little further maybe we can find a safe spot to rest.”

“And I, for one, don’t fancy going any further in without and expert…” Proclaimed Regalius dryly.

As they made ready to move out Niona leaned in and hugged Julius and Twig and said a very sincere thanks.

Once again Julius led the way, but now fully aware of what the room had to offer they moved in tight formation so that only a very few enemies could rise at a time. As a team a handful skeletal fighters stood no chance against them. Slowly, carefully, Julius led them to the far side of the room. There wasn’t even a door on this end. A few of the skeletons seemed to have tried walking into the next chamber, but whatever power made them mobile in their room seemed to fail them, leaving a few crumpled heaps in the doorway.

“I guess they never expected anyone to get this far.” Remarked Alina.

“I can’t say that was an unfounded expectation.” Replied Regalius, who was attempting to use the remains of his violin to craft a makeshift lute.

“We aren’t the only people to have made it this far.” Julius interjected from a little ways ahead.

“We’re not?” Niona gaped.

“There’s tracks in the dust. Their already being covered up, but they’re fresh enough to see” He replied.

The path seemed safe enough, and whoever had been there first had been running flat out by the looks of it. There were even drops of dried blood every few strides. This being the case Julius moved swiftly down the corridor. Eventually the trail terminated at a door not unlike the one they had used for shelter a few floors back.

“Can this be disengaged from outside?” Asked Alina.

“Possibly.” Replied Julius. “but it would be significantly more difficult. I think they were meant to be fail safes.”

“Maybe we can just knock?” Said Twig. Before anyong had a chance to protest she was tapping the stone with the butt of a dagger. “Hello!? Are you dead? Let us in if you’re not!”