1019 That Thing You’re Doing Now.


I’m going to my grandma’s for Christmas, and there’s a chance that I’ll get stuck there for a few days if the snows come, but fear not, I am uploading this week’s pages early. There should be no interruption in service. I may try to guess the outcome of Christmas so I can compare notes after and see if I have spooky powers.

Are you guys hoping to get anything in particular for presents? I don’t really. I’m happy with whatever cause most stuff I really want is so expensive I never even bother telling anyone about any of it.

I actually tried to work even further ahead than I usually do so I’d be prepared for the holiday, but it didn’t work out. Things kept getting in my way and stymieing my efforts. It has been very aggrivating. I could get a day ahead only to have the effort undone the next day. I’m so tired…

Anyway, happy holiday whatever holiday that might be. Stay safe kids. I want everyone back here as usual next week. XD