993 Seems Obvious Now.


I have almost come to a point where I might just buy Paper Mario Sticker Star as a download. This feeling began while I was lugging my DS and game case from point a to point b for the millionth time. I was like “This wouldn’t be a problem if I just had these on a memory card…” then I was like “So this is how it starts…” The reality is that most RPGs only get one play through now. They have to be exceptional on a level equal to Mass Effect to get a second go. As good as the Mario RPGs are I haven’t ever gone back to one a second time. There hasn’t been a Final Fantasy worth playing twice since 8, arguably. Pokemon practically forbids a second playthrough, unless you buy the mirror version of the game, or are willing to delete your Pokemon. Those games are just taking up space now.

And really, who am I saving these things for? My kids? They seem less likely every year. Besides, if I ever did manage to have a child they are going to have a whole world of better games to play, if they even want to play them at all. My family is filled with sports enthusiests. There’s a good chance that I’d end up with a little jock. As much as that would pain me you have to let your kids be who they are. (It’s kind of odd that I’d be more sad if my son liked sport than if he was gay… That’s a whole other thing, I guess.) At this point all these games I have are just clutter. A select few are ones that I will ever go back to. The rest were just good stories I experienced, and never need to again. If they took up nothing more than space on a memory card it would free up a lot of space in my world.

This is the slippery slope of a world without physical copies…

As far as multiple playthroughs are concerned Bioware is pretty much the king. I played Mass Effect a few times through, and 2 at least twice. KOTOR one and two both god multiple go rounds. I expect Mass Effect 3 to be the same way, once I actually get it… (I’m wondering if there’s going to be an everything included release that I should wait for at this point.) That’s the only game I’m looking forward to that I’m likely to play more than once. As long as the ending doesn’t break my spirit the way it seems to have for others. XD Batman will probably be great, but unless there’s a power up mode after the main story it’ll probly get 1 and a quarter plays, because I’ll do a short test run where I fuck up the leveling system then do it right when I restart.

I played Fable 3 a couple of times through just to see what sort of changes being male or female made available. In the end, there really weren’t any. I really enjoyed that game though, so it didn’t feel like time lost.

What I need to do is get back in to “game enhancing”. I want to see the stories of some of these games, but not waste a bunch of time with bullshit grinding. Someone, somewhere, has to be working on ways to cheat. I just need to set aside a little time to see if they’re any good at it yet. Last time I checked no one had the brain meats to get anything done. I think there’s a thing for the Wii now. Maybe it could get me through Fire Emblem’s insane level of dificulty. No way am I playing hour long battles only to have to restart after some bitch gets killed.

I should poke around while my internet is holding up… Or read more Homestuck…