974 Saints Preserve Us.


Apparently my oldest email account, the very first one I ever had, got hacked. Which is a pretty good record considering how many people I know who’ve had their stuff swiped. The good news is that it’s mostly unconnected to the comic stuff. The bad news is that I used it for Paypal because of that. That way it was harder for people to want to go snooping there. I sent an email to get it recovered, but dissconnected it from all my accounts anyway. All the people who ever used it to contact me have long sinced stopped bothering, so it’s no great loss. It’s annoying though, because it was kind of an archive for past stuff, and transactions. I hope I can get it back for that at least. That account is so old that the only contact email they had on record for it was a Yahoo mail I deleted 5 years ago. XD When they asked me to choose from a list of emails to send the recovery info to I was like “…well that won’t work.” I never connected it to another account specifically because I thought the comic’s stuff would be in greater danger of attack. The account itself looks like a spam account. If a person didn’t know it was me they’d think it was just another Nigerian prince.

One problem I’ve had with all of this though, is with Apple. Since their solution to most of my problems in the last few years as been “Just make a new apple ID!” I don’t have any free email accounts to switch my main to. When I was trying to set up face time on my ipod there was some kind of glitch so I had to attatch it to a new account. It happened again when I got the new one. It happened again when I tried to set up an account on my mom’s iPad… Apparently it’s a known problem. Because when we went to the help thing that’s what it said to do. Long short I have no email to switch to.

My day has not gone according to plan.