1901 The Little Death.


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Since I’ve been playing South Park games I can’t help but hear Chef singing I’m Gonna Make Love To You Woman (Love Gravy) when I look at this page… The story of Isaac Hayes falling out with the creators of the show is kind of sad. He died before they managed to make up with each other. Che’s character arc is really brutal because of that. He’s a boss at the end of Stick Of Truth and there’s one other little nods to him in the game, one of which is his abandoned PO box. When you find the key for it whoever your buddy is will say a little something about missing him & it’s kind of touching. His songs play in the background of some areas. They audio is taken directly from the show for some reason. If you listen to some tracks long enough you can hear other characters begin to interrupt him. My guess is that the audio from the show doesn’t require getting legal permission from Hayes’s estate.

The start of Fractured But Whole begins right where Stick Of Truth left off and the town mostly conforms to the map from that game so far, which I really like. The idea of the town having a consistent map is cool. The insides of the houses are different in slight ways. Like rooms being in different places sometimes. I really like that they made the story the continuation of the games the kids want to play.