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Since I quit playing Overwatch for good I finally broke out South Park The Stick Of Truth. I already played it, but the old disc got wandered off with, so I got the version of Shattered But Whole that came with the download of SOT so I could play it again. I really like the mechanics of SOT. If they ported them to another game that was serious it would work just as well. I really like that they made the game with so much care. There’s some kind of weird Ubisoft club the game keeps trying to get me to join, but fuck that noise. Anyway, I’m gonna get the all friends achievement and all the chimpokomon this time. Because you have to do one to get the other. I’m not a game achievement guy but to get all the ability perks you have to get all the friends and not doing that really bugged me the first time I played. I just wanted to play the old game again before playing Shattered But Whole since they take place on consecutive days. I made my character look like Thomas since they have the perfect options to make him a south park kid.

After the Hollow Knight debacle I started looking for other platforming games that don’t have ridiculous difficulty spikes in the end game, or stick the best endings behind skill walls. Salt & Sanctuary came up as a suggestion. I thought it looked cool and spooky. Owl Boy was suggested too, and Celeste. I think all of those are on the Switch, which is perfect since I can play them in whatever mode I want. Anyway, if you have any game suggestions I’m all ears. The only condition is I don’t want to come up against a bunch of bullshit spike avoiding nonsense at the end that requires a million tries. I don’t have time for that shit. Mega Man level spike encountering is fine, but no “every wall has instant death spikes on it”. I game to enjoy myself and not be frustrated. Not anymore at any rate.

I bought a used copy of SimCity DS, even though it’s not exactly what I wanted to play. For five bucks it’s probably close enough to make me not want to play the SNES version, which I can’t find the parts for at the moment. I went looking but the storage space has been moved around. I really wish I had bought it for the Wii before they lost the license now though.