1780 Poop Secret.


Having a restroom in your business will make you hate other people. Of course having a business at all will do that, but a restroom will speed the whole thing along. I had far too many fecal incidents in my retail days. Even when I was higher in the chain o’ command I often was the only employee willing to clean up after the shit monsters who abused the facilities. If my father had been the manager and someone had said they’d rather be fired than clean a restroom he would have obliged them, but that kind of management is not acceptable in the wider world.
Restrooms are one of those things that people, at least in America, see as right and not a privilege. Of course that’s true of a lot of things in retail. Restrooms are a kindness, a convenience, but entitled Americans seem to see them as something that can be used, abused, and never taken away, as well as being someone else’s problem. I have no idea what it’s like in other parts of the world, or even in the edge parts of America.
Of course I had to clean shit up from random places inside the store itself on more than one occasion, so it’s not like poop problems are limited to just restrooms…