Always, always, cheat.

 J. Thomas Blackwell

Thomas is the floor manager at the Marbleton branch of Megatainment chain of stores. He manipulates as much of what goes on there as he can for the benefit of the team. Thomas is looking for something that will give his life greater meaning. In his spare time Thomas writes and draws, but does neither particularly well as far as he’s concerned. Some of his work has been published under a nom de plume. People have a weird tendency to gravitate to him for help. Be it old ladies who need something off a high shelf at a store, or little kids who are desperate for attention.

I am what I am.

Edward Lincoln

Ed is the new guy. He’s short, and quick tempered because of it. It’s gotten him in trouble throughout his life. He’s an all around nerd, and very intelligent, though not studious. Jessica is his twin sister. He is very protective of her. For as quick tempered as he is Ed is actually kind of a pushover. It’s not hard to get him to do things because of his desire to be accepted. Jessie takes advantage of this to a degree that would be criminal if they weren’t related.

Perfect living offers no guarantee of a perfect death.

Carol Graves

Carol runs the store’s front counter… officially. In reality the rest of the team let her take care of anything they don’t feel like doing. She does so, virtually without complaint. Though outwardly abrasive she cares about her coworkers and their jobs. Her greatest weakness is ice cream. It pacifies her almost without fail. She isn’t particularly patient, and can decide she wants something right this second out of nowhere. God help anyone standing between her and whatever new goal suddenly pops into her head.

You be my sunshine and I'll be yours.

Nina Grace

Nina is the store’s optimist. Most of the time she can be found happily wandering around the book section, which she is in charge of. She enjoys life with a childlike glee, and is a big fan of Harry Potter. Though injured in her youth, Nina is still very athletic. Nina is about 6’3″ remarkably tall for a woman. Her positive nature gives little hint of how dangerous she can be when stirred to anger, or how passionate she can be when the mood moves her.

If you don't ask you don't get.

John Kepler

John fancies himself a ladies man. He’s not as quick on the draw as everybody else, but still manages to get a good shot in from time to time. The games section is what he’s been charged with operating, although it’s not an official position in the chain of command. John tries to act like he’s totally cool, but he’s secretly a total nerd. He is one of the few employees that still smokes. John is so used to striking out with girls that he actually gets weirded out if one comes on to him first.

You'll never see me comin'.

Jolene “Brooksie” Brooks

Jolene is the video manager, but she’s only been doing it a short while. She is shy, yet can be outgoing once she gets comfortable with her surroundings. “Brooksie” enjoys sneaking around, snooping on people, and not having to confront problems directly. Her knowledge of films is encyclopedic, and she is capable of reciting the dialogue of many word for word. On her breaks she enjoys going outside to smoke, usually with John. She has a plan to start making independent films by enlisting her friends to be her cast, crew, and whatever else she needs but doesn’t know about yet.

Teamwork is what happens when we all work... as a team...

Miguel “Mike” Hernandez

Mike used to be an assistant manager at the Megatainment home office. He’s having a hard time adjusting to being in charge. Most of the time he asks his staff for advice when confronted with a new challenge. Whenever he can Mike avoids confrontation. He enjoys professional wrestling. Carol has taken it upon herself to guide Mike in the ways of being a decent manager. Blind leading the blind…

There's too many damn people these days. Can't we shoot some of the homeless?

Reginald “Reggie” Watson Boothe

Reggie is a dick. Luckily he’s only around part time. He seems to have access to money, yet still wants to work more often. Though he tries to hide it, Reggie actually fears getting in trouble. If he was half as smart as he thinks he is he’d still be the smartest man alive. That said, he still listens to Thomas most of the time.

Once everybody likes something it stops being cool.

Wesley Asel

Wesley liked whatever you like before you did. He stopped liking it as soon as you started. If you ask him questions about whatever it is he’ll blow you off like he doesn’t want to talk about it, but in reality he just doesn’t know enough to debate you. He’s got a shady history with a lot of unconfirmed rumors in it. Wes is comfortable in most situations since his whole personality is based on adaptation. He becomes what he needs to be to ingratiate himself to whoever is around. On his own he fancies himself a hipster. Unfortunately he’s in Kansas, so he understands the culture in the same way your grandpa understands computers. Of course everyone else is about 5 years behind what’s cool on the coasts too, so he just seems a little douchey, which is what being a hipster is all about anyway, right? He’s the newest new guy after Ed, and is being trained by Reggie.

Strike firt. Strike fast. Strike hard.

Jessica Harlan Lincoln

Jessie is Edward’s twin sister. She’s in school but hasn’t decided why just yet. If it’s easier to get her way by acting cute and stupid Jess will go that route. In reality she is clever, but a bit clumsy. She’s not shy about her body, knows how good it looks, and is not afraid to use it to her advantage. On the other hand if the terms change suddenly she can be washed away in a wave of embarrassment. She tends to be a little shallow, but also seems to want depth in her life. If anyone can figure out how to have it both ways it’s Jess.