736 Hired Goons


For as much shit as John gives Ed they get along pretty well. I think it probably comes down to tone. When some people give you shit you can tell it’s all in good fun, but with others you can tell they mean what they say. But enough about that.

My Fable 2 introduced me, much more than any game previously, to the idea of downloadable content. Commonly referred to a DLC. Now, I’ve added on stuff to pokemon games, and Ipod, and gotten full games as well, but it’s not quite the same thing as getting it on the Xbox. Since Fable 2 had been out so long already all the DLC there is ever going to be was already there, most of it on my disc, but it all clearly felt like bonus material. What I particularly liked about Knothole Island was the almost game breaking weapons you could get. I really like getting overpowered weapons way too early. Firearms bristling with 6 augment slots fit that bill nicely. I certainly don’t mind paying a little extra if it means I get to hold my weapon aloft and say “THIS IS MY BOOMSTICK!”

In the last generation of gaming I was all about the Gameshark, Gamegenie, or whatever cheat device was the newest thing. Their ability to make terrible games tolerable was not to be underestimated. Games like Final Fantasy 2, with it’s bullshit leveling system. A system, I might add, that they steadfastly refuse to fix. Even though they fixed the original game’s crap magic system in later versions. Another game that springs to mind is a really obscure title from Konami called Azure Dreams. The RPG side of the game was a tedious pokemon mutation that would take forever to suffer through. The other side of the game was essentially a dating sim that was unique, at least in America. Your character only leveled up inside this tower that you had to go into over and over. Once you left you were level one again and had to start over. The monsters you took with you retained their levels. The floors were randomly generated and totally uninspired. The idea was that you would train monsters to fight for you and then you’d slowly get further and further by training them and finding better ones. Fuck that noise. Maybe if the action side of the game had been really inspired I could have tolerated that kind of drudgery, but alas it was not. Wooing the various love interests was the only bright spot in an otherwise dismal game. Getting to those parts with as little misery was KEY. If I remember correctly you could even date the game’s Reggie. Which I think I did once. I don’t even remember how I ended up with Azure Dreams. In any case, without cheating that game would have been a total loss.

Anyway, the Fable DLC fills, on some level, the role of tedium breaker. As much as I enjoyed Fable 2 parts of it are quite annoying that are offset by having really entertaining weapons. The ability to buy real estate is as close to an infinite money code as you could ask for while remaining legit. Plus the acquisition of property is reasonably entertaining. Being able to own most of Albion before you’ve completed 50% of the story is also a bonus as far as I’m concerned. I can be poor in real life. Why the fuck would I want to struggle for money in my off time? There’s a balance between feeling like your struggling for cash and always having just enough that most games fail to achieve. Given the choice I’d rather have it broken in my favor. Fighting 100 annoying imps for an iron sword is BULLSHIT.

Obviously the cash thing is not true of all games. Plants VS Zombies stakes a lot of it’s replay value on the acquisition of money to buy new plants. Which is fine. In fact I’d be happy if they added in even more insanely expensive things to buy so I’d have a reason to obsess about it again.

Anyway, I’ll continue this line of thought on Friday…