723 Awash In Bastards.


The discussion about Wes & Reggie, and all they imply, was very interesting. I’m surprised that they sparked so much discourse. Perhaps it was the perceived threat to Jo that caused it. I don’t know, but it was neat to see things being mulled over by all of you.

I had the most traumatic dream last night. I was Obi Wan Kenobi and got injured badly by an assassin. Whoever was trying to kill me was very persistent, but the hospital kept taking away my lightsaber, so every time a new assassin came to get me I had to kill them in the most brutal ways possible. Styluses in eye sockets, broken glass knifings, blunt force trauma… you name it and I had to kill someone that way. The hospital really had no security to speak of and there were no other Jedi around to help. Also, the whole time I was feeling pain from my earlier wounds and it made everything harder to do. That was the worst part because generally in dream even if something happens to hurt me my brain understands that it’s a dream. I react as if I’m hurt, but don’t actually feel it. In this dream I was feeling the sensations of pain. It was pretty brutal. I woke up shaking and it took a long time for me to brush the whole thing off. It’s been hours and hours, but I can still see some of the stuff vividly. Why my own brain would subject me to such a thing is beyond me.