707 Unsettling.


I had a dream that woke me up feeling unhappy. I was Christmas shopping with my mom and she left the car unlocked. (She doesn’t have a car, but in the dream she did.) We were in England for some reason too… Anyway there was this group of kids milling around the car and poking their hands in to swipe stuff. I ended up having to stand there and defend the car like a lion defending its kill. It was super aggravating. At some point they overwhelmed me and started making off with stuff so I got into a nearby snowplow and chased them down, destroying their car in the process. The police constable said it was cool when he caught up and that these bands of roaming urchins were a real problem this time of year. He had to keep presents as evidence though. When I got back to the car Mom and I had an argument over her leaving the car unattended. I woke up all angry about shit that hadn’t really happened.

Have a merry Christmas if that’s what you celebrate. If not, have a happy Saturday. There’ll be a special Christmas image tomorrow in the blog post. It’s not super Christmasy though. X3 I’m just using the holidat as an excuse to draw characters in various states of undress.