599 Breast Of All.


A weird style I sometimes use.Sorry for not having anything to read right here. I was catching up on emails, and taking some time to color a sketch.  I’m not sure how this thing decides where an image goes in a post.  It keeps moving my text around.  I guess we’ll just go with it and see what happens.

Anyway, I drew this sketch of Nina in my actual paper sketchbook and then decided to color it.  Since my stories are so long I don’t get to play dress up as much as I’d like.  At least not yet…  There’s a big version of this you can ask for if you want it that bad.

Monday will be the 600th page.  Which is only a big deal if you like assigning importance to arbitrary numbers, but most comics don’t even get as far as ten pages, so that’s something I guess.

It looks like I have to write enough words to keep the ad embedded in the post from getting overrun by the image of Nina.  Something to remember in the future.  I’ll need to be more verbose if I want to upload an image.  Say a lot of words without actually saying anything, as it were.  I think I’m fully capable of handling such a situation.  Why use one word when twenty will do, right?

I beat Cave story twice already, but everybody died and I can’t tell for sure if that’s the way it should be.  I’m reasonably sure I can save more cast members somehow.   Plus the game is actually fun to replay, so I can do better next time.  Maybe I’ll look up how to keep people from getting killed all the time.  What I assume is the worst ending is actually kind of funny because you get a choice between doing the heroic thing or making a break for it, and unlike most games you can actually take the easy way out, dark side style baby.  I’ll let you guys know how things turn out, because I know you’re riveted by my tales of casual gaming.