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Carl is one of my few remaining webcomic friends. His comic, Ginger’s Bread, is similar in tone to mine. So if you need more comics to fill your life with meaning you should clicka the linka. It’s really nice to know that Carl still gets Between Failures. If ever I run out of ideas I know who to call. In fact I may just call him to write stuff from time to time even if I have ideas. XD

I don’t know if all of the other contributors for this week’s guest pages are regular readers, but I want to say thank you to you guys here. It’s a lot easier getting through this rough patch knowing that there would be something here for people to enjoy. I appreciate it. If ever you need help be sure to contact me. I’ll aid you in whatever way I can.

On Monday we return to our regularly scheduled program. I’ll be about 2 weeks ahead, so hopefully this will be the last guest week for another few years. XD

I went to the doctor today and they prescribed some stuff, unprescribed some stuff, and sent me on my way. Strangely I got a pill that makes you pee, and instructions not to drink too much water AND a pill that I need to drink with “plenty” of water… I’m not sure how to deal with that. This state is always so fucking dry I try to keep water around all the time. Otherwise I get nosebleeds and have sinus problems. Anyway, I guess I didn’t go to school for medicine so what do I know. Let’s see how this plays out.

As far as the comic goes I think you’re really going to enjoy this next bit. The furry thing really ramps up… well by my standards anyway. Thanks to all of you loyal readers for putting up with this lapse in content. I’ll try not to let it happen again.


Congratulations on your continued survival and getting rebuffered.

Unfortunately, a lot of physicians lack at least of the time, inclination or competence to do a good job.

One of my dad’s favorite jokes goes as follows:
Question: “What do you call the guy [or gal] who graduated at the bottom of the class from medical school?”
Answer: “Doctor.”
(He’s a physician.)

More usefully, I strongly encourage you to contact a pharmacist (this can probably be done over the phone) about how to balance ‘not too much water’ with ‘plenty’ from wherever you picked up your meds and do some google searches (or post what you are taking if you’re comfortable with that). Off hand, I’d recommend erring on the side of more rather than less, but I hope you can get some professional advice.

Take care!

Reminds me of the old SNL bit, “You can’t put too much water in a nuclear reactor.”

The thing blows up while they argue about whether that means the water level should be low or high.

:) I was honored to do a guest comic for you (and yes, I am a reader ha ha). So glad you’re getting back on your feet and looking forward to the comic coming back next week!

It’s actually fairly simple once you start looking at the big picture: I have a weak heart and one of the things my doctors were worried about was congestive heart failure where the body starts hoarding water and fluid pressure in the sack that my heart sits in builds up to the point where it becomes compressed and can’t flex to pump blood. The pee pill is to reduce overall fluid build-up in your body and to make sure it’s working right you need to regulate the amount of water you take in throughout the day. something like 6-7 glasses of liquid total. Your pharmacist can give you better targets. The other pill that requires you to take it with “plenty” of water is one that will be upsetting to your stomach in some way, so taking it with plenty of water (think half a glass vs one swallow) makes sure to dilute it enough to not irritate your stomach.

Oh, and the pharmacist where you picked up your meds is definitely the person you want to be talking to about these kinds of things. They are the ones with the training and knowledge about pharmaceutical interactions and requirements to advise you on this type of question. Your physician will know what meds you need to help your condition and has a fair bit of knowledge about how they work, but your pharmacist is the expert. Definitely do *not* google shit like this when it comes to your health. You get a lot of keyboard jockeys who have no idea what they are talking about.

Nice one, @Carl! Of course, I’m rapidly approaching that age range myself… I like the Stan Sakai / Usagi Yojimbo style Death’s Head when the old cuss finally kicks it.

@Jackie, glad you still aren’t dead yet. After all, that would put a hole in my mornings, three days a week! And I have to agree with @soloran above; check with your Pharmacist, but I suspect his/her suggestion is probably right.

One pill makes you larger
And one pill makes you small…

–Jefferson Airplane
White Rabbit

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