Times Between Extra: Loss Prevention By Moonlight!

Kristy Murdaugh of The Echo Chronicles provides us with this look into Brooksie’s imagination. I can’t look at this without hearing the Sailor Moon theme…

It’s been painfully slow going, and the pages are a little weird, but I’m getting a little bit ahead on the buffer. Trying to art from a prone position is not conducive to productivity. It also warps my perspective a bit. I think these pages will pass as tolerable though. I mean, it’s not like I was creating masterpieces before now. XD

In my even more down time I’ve been trying to complete Pokemon Y. I’m not doing the pokedex, just the champion quest. Trying to catch all the pokemon is way too much effort now. I haven’t caught a single pokemon since I started. They always end up knocked out, which frustrates me. As far as other battles go, the game seems thrown off by my team choices sometimes. For example, at one point you get challenged by a trainer with two Lucario. I have a ghost as my lead monster, so they couldn’t hit it at all. It’s clearly supposed to be a tough battle, but I just stood there and let my curse power take them down. Later on I did essentially the same thing with my rival. A lot of in game trainers are totally unprepared for ghost types for some reason. It’s pretty strange because against real people ghost types always get punked. I don’t care though, I made my team of pokemon I like and not ones that are super powerful. I should be able to beat the league with these 6 monsters.

I’m also enjoying Hyrule Warriors, but much like Pirate Warriors it gets repetitive. It’s the kind of thing you need to play a bit, switch to something else, then come back to. That said, it’s still the best looking Zelda since Skyward Sword. The little bit of flair really helps make the cast pop.

I got Scott Pilgrim for the PS3 before they stopped selling codes for it online. If any of you have it I’d love to play online sometime. I never get to play with other people and always wanted to.

The Teen is out doing something, so no teen corner again. She’s fine though.


go go tutu rangers <3 and I knew nina would show up again eventually ^.^ also your art is fantastic, don't worry about it. I think most people around here follow and are aware whats going on, so take time what you need, your story is great, keep it up ^_^

Well Jackie. If you ever shoot me a message I will play some Scott Pilgrim with you any time. It’s a fun little game.

Since you put the Sailor Moon theme in my head with your comment on it…

Catching shoplifters outright,
making sales plan by close tonight,
never shying from a nerf fight,
they are the loss prevention team.

They want thefts to end,
they are not a criminal’s friend,
the company’s bottom line they defend,
they are the loss prevention team.

I think they would actually be pretty effective in reducing the amount of shoplifting.

With that view, the average shoplifter would quite likely be too distracted to steal anything.

A few others however would use the distraction to steal even more efficiently. So the actual impact on pure numbers would depend on the mix of different kinds of shoplifters in that particular store.

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