Mayday Weigh-Day

Honestly, I’m having a hard time seeing a problem here.

This is the longest page I’ve ever posted… In actuallity this was 2 4koma. At least that’s what I think they are called. Since the first 4 panels are important for the last 4 I guess it’s more like an 8 Koma.

It reminds me of a newspaper kind of joke… except for the sweet tits, of course. That’s wht newspaper comics are dying out. Not enough sweet tits. X3

Anyway, this concludes my guest week. I got higher quality stuff than I deserved for sure. I hope you guys can forgive me for wanting a littel break. Monday starts the next epic arc, so look forward to it. I’m not sure if I do…

There was a DVD sale the other day and I picked up the complete Mission Hill. Do any of you remember it? It was a single season cartoon on MTV I think. The story is about a cartoonist living in the city who ends up having to take in his nerdy brother. One of his other roomates is voiced by comedian Brian Posehn. It’s not spectacular, but I enjoyed it. It has some good moments. The theme song is Italian Leather Sofa by Cake.

I keep hoping that the Daria complete set will go on sale sometime so I can scoop it up. Daria was the best thing to come out of Beavis & Butt-Head after King Of The Hill. As long as I’m thinking about it it would also be nice for Fox to finally release the last few season sets of KOTH. I have all of them that they produced, but they just stopped. Total crap. They keep farting out The Simpsons in those hideous tins. Give me KOTH, you dicks.


Not spectacular? Are you high lol? I loved that show. They put it on Adult Swim too…damn that was a while ago. Completely forgot that it existed dang. Now I need to watch that again after all this time.

Also, agree with you on the newspaper thing lol.

I just saw some KotH while waiting to grab my pizza from Pizza Hut a few minutes ago. I love that in the one Bevis and Butthead Movie (can’t remember if there’s more than one and I don’t feel like checking) there’s old, retired Hank and Peggy.

And that’s how I feel about my scale. I recently lost a few pounds but each time the scale showed I’d lost weight, it would say I’d gone up another percent in body fat, which didn’t make sense at all since I know I wasn’t losing muscle. *shrug*

I saw Mission Hill on Adult Swim. Don’t remember it being on MTV, but I liked it regardless, but I’ll like pretty much anything that Brian Posehn does. There’s this other webcomic I read called Two Guys and Guy about three friends- an average idiot, a sociopathic mad scientist, and a sadistic girl named Guy. I’ve always thought that Brian Posehn would be awesome for the voice of the mad scientist if it ever got animated.

MTV did have a lot of great animated shows though. The Maxx of course, but lots of people forget about it’s co-op show “The Head” about a guy with a ginormous noggin, his alien best friend who lives inside of it, and his freakshow support group (literally a group of oddities who sit around talking about their feelings).

Undergrads was great. The misadventures social nothing at college as he pines after the “hottest” girl whom he followed from high school while he and his stereotypically socially misaligned friends live out their lives evading trouble on a weekly basis.

Clone High was about a high school full of teenage clones of some of the greatest people in history. Lincoln, JFK, Cleopatra, Gandhi, Joan of Arc, Marie Antoinette, all voiced by by a great cast, some of who went on to become huge stars.

I am a faithful reader of Between Failures, but it introduced me to Two Guys and Guy – which I now read almost as often. I think I get a kick out of it because there are times I am a lot like both guys – and I swear I’ve met one too many people like Guy. By the way, I think of Wayne (the blond one) as being as both an average idiot and a complete slacker, Frank (the one with glasses) as both a mad scientist and a sociopath, and Guy (the girl) as a sadistic, self-centered bitch.

I loved the Head and the Maxx both. Ugly Americans, a show on Comedy Central reminds me of the head. Not in tone… it’s definitely a comedy, but it just does.

Hey just wanted to say that your comic is awesome and is the thing i most look forward to every week (which is awesome since you are so punctual). Anyway i just had to comment on the fact that I was thinking “it would be awesome if Carol gained a few pounds from all those sweets she shares with Thomas.” (I like big girls, what can I say) and then it happens! Futureseeing powers activate!

Mission Hill!! AH I watched that on adult swim and had forgotten what it was called only that I enjoyed it and thought it was funny! Dang, I wonder if you can still watch that somewhere online…

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