Jolene on The Job

Oh shit! What’s this!? Crazy Saturday guest comic!

Agouti Rex made this page in the style of his comic Guttersnipe. He does lots of other stuff though, like podcasts, and grotesque webcomics about furries and their bullshit lives. Stuff that no one seems to understand why I like… Takes all kinds, I guess.

Anyway… I’ve had this page forever because every thime I ask for help I only end up getting one or two pages, which isn’t enough for a week. So I just end up trying harder and doing it myself. This being the case I forget that I have these lost souls. I ran across this one in a folder, so here it is.

He actually sent me a version where he clearly drew Nina and called her Jo, because he doesn’t give a fuck about me or my work. He just wants some attention. He’ll do anything to get it. Like watch VHS tapes of Mormon propaganda so he can make fun of them on the internet. He’s a sad, strange, little man, and he has my pity.


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