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This guest page comes to us from Eric Flint, who didn’t give me anything to link to. Although I’m sure there’s someplace I could if I could just remember. I swear I must follow him on twitter or something but for the life of me I can’t remember the username or comic. Send me a note so I can link to something, dude.

Chronicles of Loth Is on hiatus, that’s probably why he didn’t mention it.
I think this is his active website.

I’ll also be posting the first part of a new short story to Patreon tonight. I couldn’t bring myself to delve into the existing one so I decided to tell a side story about Twigg and Julius for a bit.

I’ve gotten two pages mostly complete and was trying to get a third done for most of today, so hopefully after next week I’ll have a buffer of at least two weeks ready. I have been averaging about a half a page a day, but as I feel better I should be able to get that up to one a day and maybe 1.5 or 2.

I haven’t gotten the first bill for the hospital yet but the amount will probably be 30% of the total cost. that was about $4000 dollars for 2 days last time so I’m probably looking as at least $12000. I still have about $2000 left to pay from the first time so my estimated total is about $14000 at this point. Not counting doctor visits, and the cost of the c pap stuff.

I very much appreciate all the donations to gofundme and Patreon. Some of you have been wildly generous and I will find a way to make it up to you. I would be totally fucked without you all.


Just wanted to say that after alot of work and pulling most of my tricks out of the bags i still failed to find any definite information or contact that may be of any useful use as he seems to like keeping himself off social medias like FB and Twitter and can’t even be sure if i got the right person in the first place just as a heads up…

What i do know however is that he is the one that worked on aleast 2 series which both have come to end named hazardous science which ended in 2010 and Chronicles of Loth which come to a end this year(2015)

After readed tits and bits here and there it seems that he might make something else at some later time but what is not good to say, if anything at all

The closest thing i found to any short of profiles would be a comicfury profile with around 50 posts made and link to both mention comics and some back of the envelope bio, the profile is of unknown age and is not verified to be active or not but here’s aleast the mention comicfury profile if anyone want to expand the search for him further then i did…

Also, consider he DID make a strip for you i would guess he aleast is semi active enough to keep a eye on this site and may provide you with more details if shen requested so guess we will just have to see what turns up….

Heh. Eric made good with two characters who aren’t usually on the front lines. This reminded me, indirectly, of the Drew Carey episode and his trousers that “Tented up.”

There isn’t really a lot about Eric Flint out there. I it’s think partly because he shares his name with a second-tier Science Fiction writer. I’m pretty sure they’re different people — but I’ve never seen them photographed together, so maybe they are the same guy.

Twitter: @mirlinthloth
Facebook: Mirlinth Loth
Patreon (private):

Also, they hate him at badwebcomicswiki, but that’s their job.

Hey there glad most people like the comic. Max august and Perfesser_Bear are right, I’m not very active on social media, and BadWebcomic people really dislike me, hence why I try to keep a low profile, I don’t want to draw their hate for me on to other people.

And technically is my brother’s site, he wrote Loth, about the only thing I update now a days is

Anyway hope you’re feeling better

Thanks for stepping up to help Crave.

Think, though, of how much You mean to BWC,
How much power You have over these people that they seek You out so…
A bit like Frodo in tLOTR, really.

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