Times Between Extra: Patronic Love.


Those of you who pay attention to the artist, as well as the comic, will know that I went to the hospital recently. If you aren’t one of those people you may be curious as to what’s going on here. Well, as I said, I went to the hospital for an infection, although the reason I got stuck there was that they thought it might be a blood clot. Long story short I spent 3 days there and have been unable to work properly since then. To that end some of my friends have come forward to make sure that there is still content to be enjoyed on the days you are accustomed to having it here.

This first one is by my friend KB of Olympic Dames she also does many arts on Tumblr and can be hired… For the right price. I could almost make this an official page. If I’d been in a position to think things through a little better I might have. As the story moves along I’ll be keeping this page in mind to see if it will fit in someplace naturally. Then I’ll give it an official number. If not, well it’s all good, I suppose. Regardless, KB is exceptionally skilled and, should you need some art, her prices are reasonable. Perhaps even a little low. I’m always trying to con her out of fanart, but she’s too smart for me.

As promised I will now relate my “ghost” girl story. It happened the night I got home from the hospital. When we got in it was still the afternoon and I tried to get a nap, but I kept vomiting into my mouth a little and choking on it, so I decided to just get up and try to do something. Eventually the Teen came home and kept me busy with stuff until it was very late. This amounts to about 4 days of me not sleeping properly, or for long enough, and it was clearly having a negative effect. I could hear the sounds of the hospital in the silence of my room, in addition to voices from what I can only assume is my own subconscious. If that’s true then my subconscious doesn’t like me very much and has some very unpleasant things to say to me. I wasn’t able to sleep because of all of this and I slowly began to enter a state where my subconscious was overlaying itself on reality. As I peered into the darkness a glowing shape began to form. It was transparent and blue. The outline wasn’t clear, it was fuzzy like electrical static, but it was clearly becoming the shape of a woman. I’m guessing 25 or so, with a build like Brooksie. It just stood there, in front of my television for a few moments. There was no clear face, but I assume it was observing me. At least in so far as a hallucination observes anything. In my head I wasn’t really sure what I was seeing, or why I was seeing it, but I wasn’t afraid. It was just a thing that was happening. I didn’t have much of a response to any of this until if began advancing on my position. It didn’t do it menacingly. It just walked casually across the five foot distance between us and began to climb in to bed. I felt a foot press into the mattress. It was light and the figure easily flipped herself over and behind me without disturbing anything. I could feel the presence laying behind me though, but I still wasn’t afraid. In fact, I sort of woke up at that point and all the other brain noise quieted down. Now, in total silence, awake in my dark room, I could still feel this thing laying behind me. Then I felt hands placed gently on each of my shoulders and a clear, female, voice said. “Hello, J.T.” But it wasn’t in my head, it was behind my left ear, as clearly as if a real person was there, speaking. That made me jump out of bed in a panic. After that the voice happened in my head a few times. Not all at once, but randomly, along with other voices. voices that were not nearly as pleasant, but they all said things along the lines of welcome back… After that I was wide awake and played Hyrule Warriors until I passed out on the floor. When I woke up I was fine again. The sounds and voices from the hospital and otherwise were no longer haunting me. I suspect the whole thing was a result of trauma and sleep deprivation, but it’s as close to seeing a ghost as I expect I will ever get.