Mayday Weigh-Day


Honestly, I’m having a hard time seeing a problem here.

This is the longest page I’ve ever posted… In actuallity this was 2 4koma. At least that’s what I think they are called. Since the first 4 panels are important for the last 4 I guess it’s more like an 8 Koma.

It reminds me of a newspaper kind of joke… except for the sweet tits, of course. That’s wht newspaper comics are dying out. Not enough sweet tits. X3

Anyway, this concludes my guest week. I got higher quality stuff than I deserved for sure. I hope you guys can forgive me for wanting a littel break. Monday starts the next epic arc, so look forward to it. I’m not sure if I do…

There was a DVD sale the other day and I picked up the complete Mission Hill. Do any of you remember it? It was a single season cartoon on MTV I think. The story is about a cartoonist living in the city who ends up having to take in his nerdy brother. One of his other roomates is voiced by comedian Brian Posehn. It’s not spectacular, but I enjoyed it. It has some good moments. The theme song is Italian Leather Sofa by Cake.

I keep hoping that the Daria complete set will go on sale sometime so I can scoop it up. Daria was the best thing to come out of Beavis & Butt-Head after King Of The Hill. As long as I’m thinking about it it would also be nice for Fox to finally release the last few season sets of KOTH. I have all of them that they produced, but they just stopped. Total crap. They keep farting out The Simpsons in those hideous tins. Give me KOTH, you dicks.