Blackmail Denied.


It’s been something like 11 years since I haven’t worked on the comic on Christmas Eve. This year I just happened to have a guest page and decided to at least try not worrying about it for once. I drew stuff anyway, but I didn’t need to post it right away, which may not seem very different but it is.

This season was so much worse than even the years when I had just been in the hospital. There has been so much constant stress and worry about every aspect of life, from the president to Patreon it was the closest I’ve come to being completely overwhelmed in a long time. I’ve always been able to get by since working IS how escape myself a lot of the time. I can get stuff done by virtue of it taking my mind off of everything else. This year though… Too much has been screwed up even for me to tolerate. This emotional roller coaster is not a ride I would have paid for willingly. I like bumper cars, or maybe go karts.

In any case, and old friend offered me this and I accepted. He used to do a webcomic but I don’t think he’s been doing one regularly for a while. In any case he has done and bay be doing one and that link is his main link. So visit if you like. Say hello from me.

I hope you guys have safe holidays if one of yours happens right now, if not I hope you have a safe and happy Monday. I’ll see you back here on Tuesday for our regularly scheduled comic.