BFPG005 Stonecutters.


Tonight’s offering comes from my old pal Carl of Ginger’s Bread fame. He zipped in fast so I’d have an even number of guest pages, in spite of rarely having time for his own work. A truer friend you couldn’t ask for.

I’m getting used to my sleep breathing machine, but not very much. I felt terrible all day for lack of sleep. They say it takes a while to adjust, so I keep trying. I’ve awoken several times choking and clawing at the mask, which doesn’t ease one into a restful state… It also pops my ears.

Patreon fixed the donation thing. so none of you should need to do anything on your end. Several pledges were declined for reasons other than the glitch. I’ll send a note to those affected.

S3everal people have told me to post the go fund me link with every update so here that is.

You guys have been far more generous than I deserve. Thank you.