BFPG001 Hey, C’mon…


Guys, I’m still in the hospital. I might get released tomorrow, I might not. For now I have some very kindly done guest pages for you. Satellite09 drew these up. You can see his work over at Magical Girl Neil. There are a few of these that I know you will enjoy. I can’t stay upright for very long so I can’t give you a full status report. Thanks to all of you who commented and those who set up patreon pledges. At some point I’ll put up a straight up donation thing, but I can’t get it done from here. As of right now I’m in no immediate danger of death, although my blood pressure is fluctuating wildly when I stand. I can keep it together long enough to shower at least. Thank heaven for small favors. Anyway, I will hopefully be updating you from home next time, but that remains to be seen. Again, thanks for your support. It makes this shit way easier to take.