BFPF003 Blind Man’s Bluff.


Well, my sick leave continues with this page from Satalite09 from Magical Girl Neil. I hope you’ve all wandered over to thank him and check out his work. He really came through for me. I’ve got several more days of guest comics from various people. As much as I’d like to just jump back in I’m not physically capable of it. I have been able to get a little work done, but it’s taking longer than usual since I have to rest periodically. All of this has been very hard on my body.

A significant amount of money has been raised to help me out. The link to the go fund me is here. I honestly resist doing stuff like this, or kickstarter, because I’ve never wanted to see an illustration of my unpopularity. It’s the same reason I almost didn’t do Patreon. Finding out exactly how important you are to people is daunting. I would never have guessed that you would raise over a thousand dollars. 4K seems like total insanity, but I guess I need to leave some space open for hope. Between gofundme and Patreon I will at least be able to pay down my debt in a reasonable amount of time, while still handling the cost of daily life. It may take the better part of a year, but eventually I’ll win out.
I want to especially thank those of you who chose to go the Patereon route because it gives me a chance to give back and also recurs, if you choose to keep supporting me. I will do my best to offer up my services in whatever way I can for you guys. Don’t hesitate to aks for avatar drawings, sketches, or whatever. As long as you are patient I will get to your requests. If you’re on the fence here’s the link. It’s been a bit dry recently, since I’ve been out of commission, but I try to make any requested wallpapers, drawings, and whatever a few times a month. If you do request a sketch I’d like permission to share it with the other Patrons, if you don’t mind. If it’s too personal I understand.
I’ll probably be out this week and maybe part of next week, but I anticipate being back to relatively normal after that. It just so happened that I got Ed and Nina when I return. I’m working on those pages even now.
Again, I apologize for the interruption in service. I know how annoying it must be since the comic moves at a glacial pace anyway, so waiting longer for pages doesn’t help. Please indulge me a while longer.

Again, thank you for visiting, and supporting me in this. I hope someday I can find a way to properly express my gratitude.