884 The Usual Thing.


That goddamn hat… When I sketched that hat it was perfectly fine. I could draw it no problem. The first few times. Every day after that my ability to draw that thing varried wildly. Eventually I just let it ride. Believe me, it looked really cute in every sketch. Every time I inked it things went awry to varying degrees. XC

Anyway, here we see the first person over 30 years old ever shown in the comic. At least as far as I recall. Thomas’s mom looks like my mother to about the same degree I look like Thomas. Meaning, simply, not at all. That said, I did give her one trait my mother has. Well, three actually, depending on how you count. What I’m talking about is a penchant for wearing t shirts with very pedestrian logos or what have you. The Kansas one in particular is a reference to a shirt my mother more for at least 20 years. I haven’t seen it in a while, but I’m not sure if the thing was finally retired or not. I suspect it’s cryogenically frozen until such time as scientists find out how to repair faded and deteriorating t shirts.

I have a feeling that the “to whom am I speaking” line is also going to draw out pedants. I actually went and checked what the right thing to say would be. Unfortunately the debate about it is roughly as vehement as the one about when to use a or an. So pick a side and duke it out in the comments. I’m sticking with this.

There was a surprising ammount of interest in the pony set. So either I’m more popular than I used to be, or ponies really do draw out the fans. It’s got it’s home already, but the set hasn’t actually arrived. For being unable to cancel an order TRU certainly takes its sweet fucking time getting your stuff to you.

Whatever… Everyone who emailed me is going to get a sketchcard since they couldn’t all have the toy set. Which will hopefully take the sting out of the loss. I’d also like to put out that I am willing to buy any doubles people get from the blind bag sets. As long as you aren’t dicks about it. I don’t want any of this after market horseshit. If you end up with extras though, I want them. Until I have a complete set at least. For the record, I want Firecraker and Pepperdance most of all. XD I am also willing to trade a sketchcard for one of them too if you want a little drawing from me. I’ll even let you pick out who I draw. Just throwing that out there.

Actually if any UK readers can get me some Character Building figures I’d be in to that too. I feel like I could get a better deal going through a person rather than a company that dicks me over on shipping. I dunno. I’m not sure exactly what all exists because it’s hard to make Amazon belive that I want to see the UK version of the site, but I’ve been sent links to stuff that is totally awesome. Really reasonable too. At least they seem that way in unconverted money…

I have stuff I need to get done. I’ll come back to these topics later on I’m sure.