378 Nitpicking.


A note about dream analysis: 

First of all I think books of dream symbolism are mostly useless.  Different things mean different things to different people.  A friend of mine is afraid of owls, yet I think owls are neat.  An owl appearing in either of our dreams are going to mean something different, if it “means” anything at all.  In my case an owl is probably just an owl.  For him it may be a harbinger of doom.  The thing about interpreting dreams is that you kind of need to know the subject, as their dreams are a reflection of their unique subconscious.  Dream analysis for someone you know nothing about is pretty much the same thing as giving a cold reading.  It’s a parlor trick.  What you end up doing is getting them to tell you what they think their dream means.  That’s not to say that what they find out can’t help them in some way, but it’s not proof of a magic power. 

That being said, here’s another one of mine.  It was really entertaining.

So it starts out with this girl trapped in some kind of torture dungeon kind of thing.  She’s being held captive by two villains.  One looks like Johnny Depp (From Hell style) and one looks like Helena Bonham Carter (Harry Potter style).  She escapes, before they can kill her, by swimming to the Statue Of Liberty.  That’s not uncommon.  People are adapted to stay in water much longer in this dream.  Evil Depp & Carter are chasing her, but just as she’s about to get caught an otter shows up and uses crazy water fighting powers to drive them off.  The dream switches to the perspective of the otter at this point.  The fight is kind of like a cross between The Abyss & The Matrix.  Anyway, the otter escorts the girl to the headquarters of his team, which is built under the Statue Of Liberty.  He takes her to meet the head of the family “Fat Tony”, who is a Hutt looking sea cucumber, or something.  Long story short the family vows to protect the girl from Evil Depp & Carter.  Eventually the bad guys come back with their whole team.  Thus begins the most awesome underwater battle ever.  I woke up before the fight was over, but I expect that the good guys would have won.